Here are some examples of my drumming & percussion

All of the drums and percussion in these exapmles were played by myself

Original Songs

Bad Broad by The Big Willie Band
Produced, Mixed, and Arranged by Vernon Shewchuk


Squinters Paradise by Two Apple Tobacco

Wealth Ain't Money by Two Apple Tobacco

Take Me To Heaven by Randy Robertson

Scorched Earth by Julian Shome

Stay Awhile by Julian Shome


Cover Songs

Pride & Joy


Black Magic Woman

Crazy Train

Sentimental Journey


A Night In Tunisia

Children From Sanchez


Drum Solo




Take The A Train
Produced, Arranged, and Mixed by Vernon Shewchuk
All instruments played by Vernon Shewchuk



Courante  from Bach's 3rd Cello Suite



Concertino for Marimba 1st. Movement
by Paul Creston